Ministry of Overseas Pakistanis & Human Resource Development Government Of Pakistan

Disaster Relief Operation

Flood Relief Camp at Muzaffargarh

In 1992 the southern Punjab was hit by severe floods which rendered than 500 thousand peoples homeless. OPF on the direction of the than Federal Minister established relief camps for immediate help of the flood affected. 14 truck loads of beddings and eatables were distributed amongst the affected peoples.

Relief Camp at Dadar & Buner

In 2000 on account of heavy rains in Northern Areas of the country relief operations were carried out in vast area of Dadar, Buner, Balakot, Mahandri and Kohistan. Relief goods consisting of eatables and bedding were distributed amongst the affected families.

Flood Relief Operation 2010

OPF launched Relief Operation in the flood affected areas of Pakistan. The main aim of relief efforts initiated by OPF was to provide relief to the families of overseas Pakistanis affected due to floods. OPF had established Relief Camps in Multan, D.G.Khan, Muzaffargarh, Kandhkot and Quetta where flood affectee families were housed. Besides Relief Camps food/non-food items, medicines and items of basic necessity were also distributed amongst the displaced families in Charsadda, Nowshera, Swat and Dera Murad Jamali. An amount of Rs. 08 million had been incurred by OPF on flood relief operation.

Assistance for Displaced People of Gilgit-Baltistan Due To Landslide at Attabad

The landslide at the village of Attabad, about 30km (18 miles) north-east of the town of Aliabad, Gilgit-Baltistan occurred during January 2010 that killed 20 and left about 25,000 people stranded when the river was blocked. The landslide caused debris to block the River Hunza, which in turn prevented water from flowing downstream and created what is now referred to as Attabad Lake. Relief goods (Tents) amounting to Rs.0.5 million were distributed among IDPs families.

Relief Goods for Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) due to Military Operation

On the directive of the Honorable Federal Minister for Overseas Pakistanis & Human Resource Development relief goods were distributed amongst the families of Overseas Pakistanis living in relief camps and host families at District Swabi and Mardan , due to recent military operation in Swat, Buner and Lower Dir. Relief goods (foods & non food items) amounting to Rs.01 million were distributed among 300 IDPs families at UC Shera Ghund, Swabi and District Mardan.

Earthquake Relief Operations 2005

A catastrophic earthquake jolted the country on October 08, 2005 which resulted in immense destruction and heavy loss of lives. A relief grant of Rs.01 crore was deposited in the presidents Relief Fund and goods worth Rs.08 million were distributed in affected areas.

Libya & Saudi Arabia Crisis

OPF provided inland transportation facility to deserving overseas Pakistanis repatriated from Libya and Saudi Arabia through buses/train who did not have any source of payment for their onward journey to their hometowns. Consequently, 1870 and 3600overseas Pakistanis were provided bus/train tickets by officials deputed at OPF Facilitation Counters at Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore and Peshawar airport for their onward inland travel to destinations in Punjab, Sindh, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Azad Jammu & Kashmir, respectively. An approximate amount of Rs 1.6 million for Libya and 10 million (approximately) for Saudi Arabia were spent by OPF on provision of inland transportation facility on need basis.

Emergency Relief Cell (ERC) – Compensation to Kuwait-Iraq War Affectees

Overseas Pakistanis Foundation played a major role during Gulf War crisis in 1990. After the gulf war the task of compensation claims of the war affectees was assigned to the OPF by the United Nations Compensation Commission (UNCC). According to an estimated figure about 90,000 Pakistanis including their family members were living in Kuwait at the time of invasion of Kuwait by Iraq in 1990. As a result of Gulf War, more than 60,000 Pakistani expatriates returned to Pakistan from Kuwait/Iraq. At the time of their arrival in Pakistan, camps were established by the OPF at Karachi, Lahore, Quetta and Taftan border to facilitate such war affectees. These affectees were paid cash, amounting to Rs. 6,000/- to each earning member at the time of their arrival to meet in land travel expenses. For this purpose, OPF contributed Rs. 50 millions.

44,538 war affectees filed claims, which were later submitted to UNCC by OPF for further processing and grant of compensation to claimants. Out of these 44,295 claims of category A, B, C, D, E & F were approved amounting to US$ 314.792 million and OPF distributed amount of US$ 312.812 million to the Gulf war affectees by conversion in to Pakistani rupees. Subsequently, 2067 late claims were submitted to UNCC, against which 830 Claims of category A&C were approved and an amount of US$ 12.71 million was received, out of which equivalent amount of US$ 12.06 million has been disbursed to 778 claimants. The role played by OPF in this regard was highly appreciated by the UNCC authorities.