Ministry of Overseas Pakistanis & Human Resource Development Government Of Pakistan


The importance of research and training in a dynamic organization cannot be denied. The evaluation and assessment of the existing structure, mandate and activities of the organization helps to explore its strength and weaknesses. The analysis opens new avenues for the organization to be explored and to develop it in multiple fields. Considering the importance of the research and development, the current OPF management has been pleased to rename and redefine the role of Training Division as Research, Training and Policy Reforms Division in addition to its existing scope of establishment. This Division not only work as a Think-tank but it practically work for the capacity building of OPF employees as well as to furnish policies related to Diaspora. Main objective of Research division is to support the OPF’s mission and vision by applying research and analytic methods, to act as a think-tank and strategic planning in the development, implementation and monitoring of policies/ projects and issues of OPF.

Functions of Research Division

The Research Division works on two directions simultaneously i.e. conducting Research on issues/policies related to diaspora and development of the organization. The core objectives are to analyze changing role of Pakistani Diaspora, compiling profiles of prominent Overseas Pakistanis, establishment of OPF library and joint research with different think-tanks and international organizations.


Since its inception the Division has organized an international seminar on “Enhancing the Role of Overseas Pakistanis in Nation Building” to highlight the issues and problems related to overseas Pakistanis. Moreover a letter for joint research has been dispatched to different think-tanks and organizations. The Research Division is also collecting research data and published material related to diaspora with relevant organizations/ departments for further research in the areas of changing role of diaspora, remittances, reintegration of migrates, illegal migration and human smuggling/ trafficking and other relevant issues.

Future Plans

The Research Division has prepared two research proposals i.e. “The changing role of diaspora in nation building”, and “Problems being faced by overseas Pakistanis” and dispatched a letter to different Think-tanks and International organizations to conduct joint research on following topics in near future.